Bavarian Camping 2017 Camping Season Countdown

The weather here is Wisconsin is getting consistently warmer, trees are starting to show buds, birds are chirping, frogs singing a chorus to attract their mates and die hard campers are buzzing… that’s because the start of the Wisconsin camping season is rapidly approaching…camping season 2017 is here! Happy campers have been waiting for this time of the season since the end of 2016 camping season came to an end. The time is coming quickly for the campground to open.

Bavarian Campsite will open the first week in May 2017. We are booking camping reservations online. Please be sure to book ahead of time for holidays as we are filling up fast.

In anticipation of the start of Bavarian’s 2017 camping season, we have created a countdown, to help you prepare for the upcoming 2017 camping season…
  1. Make a Plan. As mentioned, it’s important to make a campsite reservation early, especially if you want to reserve a site for a holiday weekend like the Memorial Day or 4th of July. You can reserve a campsite here..
  2. Tell your Family and Friends. It’s often fun to camp with other happy campers, so if you have a camping trip weekend in mind and wouldn’t mind some company be sure to mention it to your friends and family on planning a weekend or week at the Bavarian Campsite. Therefore if they’re interested in going, they can start planning their camping trip as well.
  3. Check your camping gear. Sometimes the elements can do a number on your camping gear. Whether you have an RV, a pop-up camper or a tent, be sure that your camping equipment is in tact and usuable. If something needs to be fixed, start looking to do that now.
  4. Consider New camping Gear. Check out some of the latest options in camping equipment. Each new camping season brings new equipment to help make camping easier and often more fun. See some of our favorite recommendations.
  5. Best of all GO CAMPING!!